We are a creative agency that specialises in selling fashion. We provide a range of services that are designed to solve many of the problems we know small and medium sized fashion brands face.

We operate a global network of specialists and partners covering many of the major markets of Europe, the USA and Asia.

Our expertise originates from the Scandinavian market covering Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark.

Being internet based, we rapidly gained clients all across Europe and developed regional expertise in France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. Next followed international expansion and we now have clients in Australia, Asia and the USA.


We are everywhere that there is an internet connection. Our head office is in Riga, Latvia and we have team members and partners in many countries around the world serving most of the major markets.

Our company was started with investment from the United Kingdom in 2015. At that time we focussed on doing business with Scandinavia: we needed to be near to the Scandinavian countries without attracting the high costs of being within these countries; and we wanted to be within the European Economic Union and the European Single Market – obviously this was before Brexit.

It may seem surprising to start a business in Latvia, but Latvia offers our team and customers many advantages:

  • Latvia is a full member of the European Economic Community and a proud member of NATO
  • The currency is the Euro
  • Riga, the capital city, has a vibrant centre with beautiful art nouveau architecture, often referred to as the “Paris of the North”
  • Latvia has a highly educated workforce that is particularly skilled in IT and languages
  • Clothes production is one of the most important industries in Latvia and there are many modern textile factories with all of the associated skills and services
Team Latvia at the opening of the Olympic Games in Seoul

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We are currently looking for team members worldwide to join us

We are an equal opportunities employer and we do not discriminate on racial or gender grounds in any way.

SSAW.io specialise in the fashion industry, working with a large community of brands, qualified business buyers, agents and distributors.

Our proposition and services includes:

International Sales Agents | Buying Specialists
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