Agents / Showrooms

Shared revenue

Develop your business in partnership with us. Extend the reach of the brands you represent now, sell more and take on additional brands.

You are experts in building relationships with retailers and business buyers.

But do you sometimes feel that you don’t have quality brands to represent, or that you would like to do more for the brands that you have?

Failing to prepare
preparing to fail!

  • Incomplete information
  • Poor quality photos or presentation material
  • New collections limit potential customers

We can help

  • Increase business by adding more wholesale accounts
  • Look after each one personally
  • Significantly reduce your costs



Enhance services for existing and new brands

Sell Smarter

Tools to enable more effective work and greater results


Marketing and PR support to develop your own community

Free Time

Automate routine tasks and increase customer service


Enhance personal relationships as your business grows


Outsourcing so you can concentrate on developing sales

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Brands / Designers

Lay the foundations crucial to developing more business buyers. Attract and service new customers, reduce processing costs, while cultivating a personal relationship with each client.

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Retailers / Buyers

Be stimulated by new products and choose brands you want to communicate with. Access new collections and plan seasonal drops. Conveniently browse and order with complete information 24 hours a day.

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Agents / Showrooms

Our proposition builds an eco-system that works in unity with sales agents and other showrooms. We offer tools to help publicise and grow your business and reward you for extending ours. Extend the reach of your existing brands, sell more and add new brands.

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Partners / Affiliates

We offer attractive terms if you have regional or vertical expertise and can help us sell our portfolio of services. We address a number of practical problems and we have a clearly defined growth strategy.

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