2Blind2C is sold through approximately 400 stores worldwide, predominantly in Europe: smart menswear mixing vibrant elements with a passion for design; exceptional comfort; courageous design; and, loveable quality.


2Blind2C smart menswear mixing vibrant elements with a passion for design.


Passionate about creating garments and looks that accommodate the daring man you are underneath your clothes. You will meet no limits. Our designs allow you to unleash your full potential and look stylish while doing so.


2Blind2C cares about the detail: our garments have special features that distinguishes its design and comfort from everything you have known.


2Blind2C also cares about the bigger picture: sustainability and the environment are important to us, and therefore we make sure that you can be the best version of yourself with a clear conscience.


Fashion is poetic and frames people. 2Blind2C helps you express yourself and capture your true personality while feeling great.

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