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Your advanced B2B web shop
24 x 7 access and ordering
fully managed
low monthly fee

Harness the power of the internet to spread details of your collection and enable buyers from around the world to access beautifully presented information and place orders 24 hours a day, everyday:

  • Convenient for buyers
  • Eliminates errors with manual order taking
  • Automation of repetitive tasks frees up time for staff to concentrate on high-quality communications with customers that make a difference
  • Co-browsing with buyers and brands
  • Cost-effective for brands

This is the antithesis of fast-fashion, empowering brands to concentrate on design and to obtain production orders in advance: enabling brands to buy raw materials and production services cost-effectively and produce to sensible timescales with realistic prices and profit margins.



Expand into new markets around the world at very low cost


Give access to complete information and the ability to place orders 24 hours a day


All steak holders using the same system is great for managing agents, sales reps and expanding channels

Stock Control

If you don’t have good stock control it’s impossible to sell on multiple channels

Low Risk

No requirement to produce extra sample sets or hold stock

Massive ROI

Our system is inexpensive to implement and run, with considerable potential benefit

Return On Investment:

Bringing together fashion buyers and sellers creating many opportunities to develop and grow business

  • Gaining more wholesale customers and reducing admin costs is a great business case for brands
  • More convenient for business buyers, with 24 x 7 ordering and access to complete information
  • Improve stock control, eliminating errors associated with manual order taking
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) tools to manage routine tasks: increases customer service, reduces costs and more time to concentrate on making a difference
  • Personalisation tools enhance your relationship with each customer as business grows, through our partnerships with leading Customer Relationship Management platforms including Hubspot and BaseCRM

In the fashion industry most wholesale orders are placed 6 to 18 months in advance:

  • No need to hold stock
  • One set of samples
  • Large order volumes

Selling wholesale B2B is less expensive and less risky than selling retail B2C

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Low cost plans for businesses from 1 to 10,000 employees, provides the features and flexibility you need at every stage.

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Brands / Designers

Lay the foundations crucial to developing more business buyers. Attract and service new customers, reduce processing costs, while cultivating a personal relationship with each client.

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Retailers / Buyers

Be stimulated by new products and choose brands you want to communicate with. Access new collections and plan seasonal drops. Conveniently browse and order with complete information 24 hours a day.

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Agents / Showrooms

Our proposition builds an eco-system that works in unity with sales agents and other showrooms. We offer tools to help publicise and grow your business and reward you for extending ours. Extend the reach of your existing brands, sell more and add new brands.

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Partners / Affiliates

We offer attractive terms if you have regional or vertical expertise and can help us sell our portfolio of services. We address a number of practical problems and we have a clearly defined growth strategy.

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