Strong presentation makes a difference

In the digital world initial attention spans are very short, and it is vital to have strong presentation materials. We have created this page to help brands understand some of our views on how to create a lasting impression that will ultimately lead to increased sales over the digital channels, both B2B and B2C.

VIDEO – A picture paint’s a thousand words, and a video paints a thousand pictures!

More and more, we find that video can be used to give buyers a very clear understanding of a brand’s products – we have looked at virtual reality, but so far it is not very realistic, expensive and impractical. Unlike a fashion show, a video can be played at any time, so it is very convenient for buyers. Brands that exploit this medium achieve the most impactful and effective presentation to buyers. Video is not very expensive to produce, although if you are going to produce video, as with any content, it is vital to do it well and you need to choose your production partners carefully.

As an example, in this video, which produced for Paris re Made, we wanted to show: the details of the clothes; how they move when worn; and, how each garment includes an original piece from an iconic brand that is carefully re-imagined and re-tailored by a couture designer based in Paris. It’s much better played with sound, as the sound-track is part of the overall experience of a retro world that is give new significance.

The Proposition

Paris re Made is the first up-cycling brand that has worked with. We chose to work with Paris re Made because each piece is a re-imagination of a garment from iconic brands such as Burberry, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Levi’s and Ralph Lauren, which to us is a powerful idea, and because they are re-tailored in such amazing ways. 


Our Goals

We started by listing the things we want to achieve:

  1. With a price point is from €200 – €3,000, and most pieces being around €400 – €500, we need to target high-end customers and retailers
  2. We want to show respect for retro/vintage provenience of each piece, but also to illustrate how these Paris re Made pieces can be worn by today’s consumer
  3. We need to show the details to buyers who may be making purchasing decisions without seeing the pieces in real life – this is especially important because the details are exquisite
Paris re Made 2 Michael Bailey for SSAW showroom 964

The Concept

A great concept is crucial for any story telling, and creating visual imagery for a brand is no exception – this includes print, photos and video.

  1. A model who target buyers can identify with
  2. A style of shooting that is reminiscent of pervious eras, but which is also current
  3. Focus on showing the details, and how the clothes move on the body
  4. Build on the romance of retro Paris
  5. Some elements of a virtual fashion show, but using the medium of video to enhance this, to convey a more complete understanding of the brand
  6. A modern soundtrack with a retro twist to hold everything together
Paris re Made 2 Michael Bailey for SSAW showroom 956

IMAGES – Good images convey both emotion and information, winning hearts and minds!

Strong product images

Paris re Made 2 Michael Bailey for SSAW showroom 946
Paris re Made 2 Michael Bailey for SSAW showroom 991
Paris re Made 2 Michael Bailey for SSAW showroom 1005

Focus on details

Paris re Made 2 Michael Bailey for SSAW showroom 938
Paris re Made 2 Michael Bailey for SSAW showroom 923
Paris re Made 2 Michael Bailey for SSAW showroom 1003

Show the sides

Paris re Made 2 Michael Bailey for SSAW showroom 1006
Paris re Made 2 Michael Bailey for SSAW showroom 930
Paris re Made 2 Michael Bailey for SSAW showroom 970

Use VIDEO to show how clothes move

Short video clips can be used to support product images, showing how products hang and move

Production facilities worldwide has a fully equipped studio in Riga Latvia, which is one of the most cost-effective production hubs in Europe: we also have partner facilities in Spain, Greece and Bahrain.

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