Currently recruiting brands for Spring Summer 2020 and selling Resort 19/20, AW19/20, Pre Fall 19, SS19

Against fast-fashion: a seasonal guide to what you can sell

We are against fast fashion and our curations policy emphasizes quality and sustainability. However, buyers buy for the seasons based on what their customers want to wear.

SSAW stands for Spring Summer Autumn Winter and is the classic euphemism for the way the fashion industry has done business for centuries. According to our business model, samples are produced for each collection about a year before the pieces will be available in retail stores.

For SS20, forward B2B wholesale orders will be taken for approximately six months until just before Christmas, when they are put into production for delivery from February onwards. Brands can then choose if they want to continue selling SS20 subject to their production timescales and stock levels, or they can start taking forward B2B wholesale orders for AW20. The two main seasons are supported with two other seasonal collections, the Resort or Cruise collections that are sold to the public for luxury winter-sun: and the Pre Fall collections. This is the sensible and sustainable way to grow a fashion brand as it prevents overstocking, maximises sales and reduces risks to a minimum.

Here is a brief summary of seasonal activity.


Spring Summer 2020



Many fashion brands mistakenly believe that the sales cycle starts with showing products to the buyer at a trade show, whereas this is a very risky way of doing business and leaves a lot depending on chance meetings! A better approach is to profile and qualify the buyers that a brand want to meet, and book appointments in advance. Meeting buyers from September 2019 onwards should not be the start of a sales cycle, but where deals are closed and orders placed.



Having orders from retailers in a timely fashion makes scheduling production a relaxed process. It also gives a brand big savings, as good deals are more likely to be negotiated with factories or ateliers, and raw materials can be bought in bulk, significantly lowering costs.


Feb onwards

The best retailers will start the season as early as possible and extend it for as long as possible. These are the retailers that a brand should be aiming to work with as they offer the greatest sales potential for Spring Summer 2020.



Resort 2019/2020



Resort or Cruise collections – after the French collection croisière – are also referred to holiday or travel collections.

They are generally warm weather collections that hit the shops in November, after the launch of Autumn Winter collections, and tend to be targeted at the higher priced luxury end of the market as the perception is that these customers can afford winter sunshine holidays. is particularly looking for luxury collections that can be sold for the Resort 2019/20 season.

Order from Stock


Many resort retailers carry low stock, so for companies with great logistics there is a real opportunity to get into new retailers towards the end of the Resort Season, creating firm foundations for increased orders for the following season.


Autumn Winter 2019/2020

Order from Stock


Because the trading opportunities before Christmas are so significant no retailer wants to run out of stock. Where the usual suppliers cannot fulfil reorders there is a natural opportunity to open new wholesale accounts.