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Working with Harrods and Yoox Net-a-Porter

Harrods and Yoox Net-a-Porter are two of the retailers we developed an ongoing dialogue with during our last campaign. We are tremendously proud of this as we see Harrods as a leader in the Bricks and Mortar world and Yoox Net-a-Porter as a leader online in luxury fashion. We also achieved high engagement rates from many excellent luxury fashion retailers internationally.

Each season we only add a small number of brands, enabling us to develop each one on an individual basis. We are in the process of confirming new brands for our SS20 Marketing Campaign to more than 2500 luxury buyers worldwide, and in addition to SS20 our brands can sell other collections where they have stock.

Our network and research capabilities are continually developing and going from strength to strength. If you run a brand that is interested in joining us please contact us as soon as possible to explore your potential and reserve your place.

Case Study has recently completed pre-marketing for a private showroom at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week and established a positive dialogue with buyers in many luxury stores worldwide including Harrods and Yoox Net-a-Porter.

Buyer Profiling

Using our extensive network of more than 2000 buyer contacts was able to profile buyers and target physical and online stores that are relevant to the high-fashion luxury collections being shown.

Target and
Refine set up a series of targeted email campaigns to the most relevant buyers. We then monitored open and click throughs by the buyers which enabled us to target specific buyers for follow up either by email or telephone.


We then followed-up all expressions of interest in a timely manner with lookbooks and additional information designed to develop the relationship, build trust and nurture the sales process.

Marketing Plans

For brands or designers we have a range of Marketing Plans to meet your sales targets and budget.

These include: seasonal marketing campaigns; bespoke marketing strategies; showroom and trade-show pre-marketing to enable a brand to get the most out of these events; and, showroom or trade-show opportunities where we offer physical spaces where a brand can show their collections to buyers in various markets worldwide at discounted prices, often packaged with our marketing services to guarantee a certain level of buyer attendance.

All plans includes access to our online showroom that enables information to be accessed and orders to be made 24 x 7.

Marketing plans start at €100 per month pro rata, please contact us for details.

Spring Summer 2020

We are currently recruiting a limited number of new brands for our SS20 marketing campaign.

For SS20 we will be marketing brands to more than 2500 luxury buyers worldwide, using our networking and research capabilities that are continually developing and going from strength-to-strength. We are confirming brands for our SS20 sales and marketing campaign – we have 30 places and half are already taken and we need to have the other places confirmed as soon as possible.

In addition to SS20, once a brand is part of our community we enable them to market other collections subject to stock and availability.

Bespoke Marketing Campaigns

We are proud of the international network of more than 2500 buyer contacts that we have developed and our research capabilities are going from strength-to-strength.

Should you have a specific target or idea and need an execution partner to make it happen we would love to discuss how we can help and the value we can add.

September Showroom Pre-Marketing

We know that trade shows only work if you have a series of pre-booked appointments with the retailers that you are targeting, and our marketing plans are particularly suited to brands that will be presenting their collection at a trade show.

September Showroom Opportunities

Our business model is based on the power of the internet for marketing purposes, enabling us to have a global reach and personal communication with many high end buyers. We generally take the view that all countries across the planet are becoming more-and-more accessible and should interested buyers want to see samples there are many ways of achieving this. However, when a brand has interest from a number of buyers it makes commercial sense to show the collection in September in either Paris, Milan or in other locations depending on the buyers being targeted. has recently managed the marketing of a private showroom in Place Vendome in the centre of Paris for Haute Couture Week, and although we have not confirmed our plans for September we expect to be able to offer designers/brands something similar in September, either in Paris or Milan, and where there is a specific requirement we are able to offer showrooms in other locations. Please contact us for details.

Book a Meeting

Our team will be pleased to arrange a free Partner Discovery Meeting where we can begin to understand the unique drivers behind your brand, advise on sales and marketing strategy and determine if we have the right buyer contacts to help you.