CIVIDINI: one of the most beautiful, exciting and exclusive luxurious Italian fashion houses

All CIVIDINI pieces are made from the highest quality sustainable materials: the most precious cashmere, feather weight cotton and the finest wools. Designs are hand-painted by very skilled artisans with a rich legacy of craftsmanship, giving life to timeless luxury garments based on refined Italian style.

The CIVIDINI WOW CAPSULE collection is art with which to embrace oneself, to wear proudly on the skin as a declaration of intent, enabling light to pass through the delicate textures to sensually illuminate the body and spirit of the wearer. “Wow”, because from the very first glance the collection arouses an intense emotional response.

Hand painted, limited edition and numbered, the CIVIDINI WOW collection is only made in Italy: and distributed through the most exclusive channels worldwide.


SSAW’s view:

“We are excited to be representing CIVIDINI, one of Italy’s the most prestigious luxury fashion houses.”

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