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we represent a diverse selection of brands for AW20 and SS21

CIVIDINI: one of the most beautiful, exciting and exclusive luxurious Italian fashion houses

All CIVIDINI pieces are made from the highest quality sustainable materials: the most precious cashmere, feather weight cotton and the finest wools. Designs are hand-painted by very skilled artisans with a rich legacy of craftsmanship, giving life to timeless luxury garments based on refined Italian style.

The CIVIDINI WOW CAPSULE collection is art with which to embrace oneself, to wear proudly on the skin as a declaration of intent, enabling light to pass through the delicate textures to sensually illuminate the body and spirit of the wearer. “Wow”, because from the very first glance the collection arouses an intense emotional response.

Hand painted, limited edition and numbered, the CIVIDINI WOW collection is only made in Italy: and distributed through the most exclusive channels worldwide.


SSAW’s view:

“We are excited to be representing CIVIDINI, one of Italy’s the most prestigious luxury fashion houses.”
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Mateyaneira: Mateja and Neira create beautifully minimalistic statement pieces that take your breath away

Mateyaneira combines the creativity of two internationally recognised and award winning young designers, Mateja and Neira.

By rejecting complicated forms, layers, patterns and colours, Mateyaneira creates strong, timeless pieces that embody their minimalistic aesthetic and values. 

Each high-fashion piece is contemporary in appearance and traditional in production, handmade by skilled artisans at the brand’s own atelier in Croatia. 


SSAW’s view:

“Mateja and Neira are totally original: they create beautifully minimalistic statement pieces that take your breath away. Representing these visionary creative talents is an absolute pleasure.”
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2Blind2C smart menswear mixing vibrant elements with a passion for design

2Blind2C is a smart menswear brand for gentlemen all around the world that mixes aesthetically vibrant elements with a passion for design: exceptional comfort; courageous design; and, loveable quality.

Passionate about creating garments and looks that accommodate the daring man you are underneath your clothes.

2Blind2C cares about the detail: our garments have special features that distinguishes its design and comfort from everything you have known.

2Blind2C also cares about the bigger picture: sustainability and the environment are important to us, and therefore we make sure that you can be the best version of yourself with a clear conscience.

Fashion is poetic and frames people. 2Blind2C helps you express yourself and capture your true personality while feeling great.

SSAW’s view:

“We are delighted to be partnering with 2Blind2C, which is a leading men’s ware brand from Denmark. We are working with 2Blind2C to develop the brand’s European stockists – currently 2Blind2C is stocked in 600 stores in Europe: and leading their international expansion in areas including Asia, the USA and Canada.”
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Mansa Wu timeless leather jackets made for a new generation

Mansa Wu creates timeless leather jackets made for a new generation. Each new generation finds new meaning and significance, and Mansa Wu is a borderless space of expression, synthesizing different cultures and histories.

Our pieces are handcrafted, made in an old farmhouse in the hills and orchards surrounding Florence by a small specialized family business with decades of experience creating leather garments that will accompany you on your many journeys.

Those values have led us from taking the first steps in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to Florence, the global capital of leather artisanship. They guide our future decisions to become an integral brand in moving the industry forward towards a more ethical and environmentally sustainable state.

SSAW’s view:

“Mansa Wu combines the best quality and the finest Italian production with a fresh and youthful approach. This is fashion at the cutting edge of  street-style, high-quality production and luxury.”
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Paris re Made Iconic brands up-cycled into new classics by a Couture designer based in Paris

Paris re Made is exceptional and unlike any other up-cycled brand, due to the unique combination of three characteristics:

  • Head designer and creative director, Xuan Thu Nguyen, is a Couture designer based in ParisThu was was invited to join La Federation de la Haute Couture et la mode in Paris, the prestigious accreditation body for “Haute Couture” set up by the French Government.
  • Each one of Paris re Made’s unique piece has at it’s centre luxury garments from high-end iconic brands such as Burberry, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Levi’s and Ralph Lauren.
  • Paris re Made re-imagines and re-tailors to give the new creations a bold and exciting relevance in today’s fashion culture.

Each one of Paris re Made pieces is a new classic in its own right, made with the finest luxury and sustainable materials in Paris.

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DUNDAS London Shirts: classic, timeless cut worn by Price Harry, Duke of Sussex

DUNDAS London is a men’s luxury and sustainable shirt brand, worn by Price Harry, Duke of Sussex amongst others.

Founded in the UK in 2015, the company has established itself as a leader in the linen shirt category, before recently expanding into brushed cotton.

DUNDAS creates the best sustainable products, respect the environment and inspire discovery through story-telling.

The shirts are designed in a classic, timeless cut – adaptable to all situations.


SSAW’s view:

“We have introduces Dundas to buyers from the Middle East, the USA, Canada, and Europe. These include parts of LVMH – the largest luxury good group worldwide: and Four Seasons – the largest luxury hotel group.


The DUNDAS collection is available for wholesale order exclusively through

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QUOD fuses period femininity with classic tailoring and modern streetwear

Short for Latin ‘quod erat demonstrandum’, QUOD fuses period femininity with classic tailoring and modern streetwear.

Think Saville Row finesse and Victorian proportions for 21st century dressing.

QUOD is designed by Ikshit PANDE, a graduate of both Parsons School of Design, New York and Central Saint Martins, London. The label is registered in the cities of New York and New Delhi.


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OSAY luxury loafers hand-made entirely of exquisite up-cycled leather remnants

OSAY brings to the world of luxury, La Babouche loafers, a comfortably and stylishly shoe hand-made entirely of exquisite up-cycled leather remnants from luxury shoemaking, for women and men.

Born through a shared focus on environmental and humanitarian solution, OSAY is the creation of friends Kenza Fourati a Tunisian-French model whose clients include Chanel, Dior, H&M and Stella McCartney, who was the first Arabic Muslim to be featured in Sports Illustrated: and Simone Carrica an American-Argentinian entrepreneur, who has garnered valuable experience working with BCBGMAXAZRIA and Catherine Malandrino.

La Babouche is the perfect complement to your #WFH wardrobe, to relax in après-ski, or to take you from a day at the beach to dinner with friends.

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Artista unique with subtle extravagance

Artista is an independent ready-to wear (woman’s wear) and accessory brand. It was established in 1994 in Budapest and has strong connections to Vienna. Three designers work for the brand: Katalin Imre, Nóra Rácz and Katalin Stampf.

The Artista brand sings the praises of creativity, individuality and extravagance, while representing a relaxed elegance for every day: celebrating an authentic, open-minded woman, who loves freedom, art and music.

Artista’s philosophy is a respect for classic, traditional tailoring, transplanting those lines into a contemporary urban attire, paired with extreme lines in a novel interpretation. The traditional Japanese sense for colours fabrics and proportions remain the main inspiration for the designers.


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Lana Bambini Socks in organic cotton, alpaca wool, hemp and linen. Beautifully natural for the whole family. Handcrafted in Italy.

Lana Bambini makes the finest handmade socks, from а small family-run atelier in the Lombardy region of Northern ltaly.

Sustainable production using natural materials including alpaca wool, organic cotton, biological hemp and natural linen, supported bу an understanding that your comfort is not at the expense of anyone else. Our sourcing and production is completely ethical from start to finish.

The best natural materials and our artisanal handmade quality combine to create а varied collection of the warmest and cosiest socks available.

Lana Bambini cares about you and your family and we help you to respect our environment.


SSAW’s view:

“Lana Bambini epitomises high-quality handmade production from a small atelier in Italy. We are proud to help them communicate and sell across the world during these troubled times, where traditional forms of B2B sales no longer work effectively.”

Lana Bambini’s view:

As a niche brand we needed a partner who could get up to speed with our business very fast. SSAW brought us our first order within two weeks of starting the first sales campaign and they have continue to help us to grow and develop our business. We are now expanding our range of products and we are very pleased with the results.


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SAGE AND IVY envisioning edgy beauty meticulously crafted into unique pieces

Alexia van der Leegte-van Engelen, who studied Fashion Design at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan, celebrates femininity through delicate and daring fashion and graces women with her envisioning of edgy beauty, inspired by craftsmanship, traditional handwork and precious fabrics from across Europe.

Ideas and drawings are meticulously crafted into unique pieces in small workshops and ateliers, where fashion is still an expression of the imagination.

Each collection tells a fairy-tale, each single piece bears its own soul. Beneath their glamour SAGE AND IVY’S products hide an engaged activism that aims for environmental awareness and the valorisation of craftsmanship.

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Exquise essential women’s wear with a difference

Exquise was founded in 2008 and has become an international fashion brand in a short time, now influencing women in more than 20 countries in Northern Europe and Asia with their innovative collections, designs and quality of workmanship. The brand designs timeless essentials for women who enjoy every moment of their life.

Exquise focuses on high quality materials and excellence throughout the production process. The brand’s search for form and courage in the use of colour is in increasing demand from women who want to create their own style.


SSAW’s view:

“Exquise continues to innovate in design and although we love their SS21 collection, we think the AW21 collection is even better. All of their team work hard to repeatedly deliver high quality production.”

Exquise’s view:

“Starting to work with was a great decision we made in a challenging pandemic period. The agency’s experience and digital salesmanship has opened up new possibilities for our collections and created a key growth area for our business.”


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CANELA perfectly imperfect beach bags made from recycled plastic by artisans from neglected areas of Panama

CANELA is a sustainable, ethical and social conscious brand, that uses recycled plastic thread to create an elegant and practical range of bags.

Each bag is hand woven by talented artisans from neglected areas of society, giving these skilled crafts men and women a new chance of expression and employment and showcasing a unique combination of fresh and ethnic feelings for the rest of the world to enjoy.

CANELA comes from the tropical city of Panama, where fashion designer Ana Laura Garcia was inspired by nature to create a practical, elegant and most importantly ethically sourced beach bag  for the global man or woman. After studying for a Master in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management at the Istituto Marangoni in London, Ana worked for Puig, Nina Ricci, Prada, Carolina Herrera and Asvat – a multi brand company housing Ermenegildo Zegna, Tiffany and Co, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti, Etro and Paul Smith.

CANELA focuses on simple and timeless designs, the range – which includes java, picnic and totes – is affordable, washable and durable, ready for robust use with kids or on a daily basis and perfect for the beach.

Each bag is a perfectly imperfect handmade creation, that makes the owner look and feel amazing.


SSAW’s view:

“Canela is a trusted supplier and partner. We are proud of the record of shared success that we have achieved and we are looking forward to continuing to sell their products to more and more stores.”

CANELA’s view:

“SSAW has helped us to develop our international sales and so far we have had wholesale orders from as far away as Bahrain in the Middle East. Our joint focus is now to develop the Australian market, which would not be a realistic option for us without SSAW. They have always been very professional and responsive, and shown considerable determination. When something doesn’t work they dig deeper, and we are very pleased with the success we are achieving from partnering with SSAW.”


CANELA’s collection of practical and sustainable bags is available for wholesale order exclusively through

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