Developing person-to-person sales believes that the best way of selling fashion is by human person-to-person interaction. This may seem antithetical for a company that offers and online showroom and a digital marketing service targeted at the world’s top retailers, but these tools are part of a business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing strategy designed to connect brands with qualified buyers who are interested in their products.

Marketing Phase

During the marketing phase of’s engagement strategy, we employ advanced digital marketing techniques that enable us to operate at scale, globally at relatively low costs.

Sales Phase

When we match interested and qualified buyer with a brand, we move to the sales phase of our engagement strategy, which is based around developing and maintaining high quality personal relationships as business grows.

Showroom’s online showroom is open 24 hours a day, everyday and gives our brands a worldwide reach.

This is one of the few examples of how to rapidly implement something which immediately has the dual impact of: reducing operational costs by automating many repetitive tasks, such as sending out line sheets and typing in orders from emails: and at the same time increasing customer service and satisfaction by making information and ordering available 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world.

An integrated approach is designed to offer an integrated approach to Sales and Marketing. Our online showroom acts as a focal point for marketing and a handover to a person-to-person sales process, which can be managed either by’s team acting as Sales Agents, or by a brand’s own team. researches the most appropriate buyers for each brand and uses rich marketing techniques to drive traffic to the online showroom. In addition we encourage each brand to see the showroom as a vital resource for their own marketing and we reinforce this by not charging any commission for orders placed through’s online showroom, so there are absolutely no barriers or conflicts of interest.

Powerful filters:

Easy to find products based on multiple parameters

  • set price limits
  • filter by attributes
  • drill down to shortlist
  • a standardised method for presenting information
  • makes comparisons simple
  • more useful than incomprehensible line sheets in different formats

Contextual pricing:

Set pricing and quantity discounts for

  • wholesale
  • retail
  • by group
  • or for an individual customer

Brands dashboard:

Complete control with powerful features

  • Add/edit products
  • Pricing (retail, wholesale, by group or for individual customers}
  • Availability (in stock, pre-order and manufacture to order)
  • Stock control
  • Warehouse management
  • Manage orders
  • Promotions and vouchers

Stunning presentation:

Minimalistic design featuring

  • Clear product display
  • Social media integration
  • Large images with zoom
  • Tabs for additional information

Marketing has built up a large contact base of the buyers worldwide and we research buyers contact information for specific brands. carefully and sensitively makes buyers aware of brands that will appeal to and excite their customers.


A platform for brands and retailers to access and manage information about new collections, place orders, integrate with the supply chain and stock control all in one place. Giving complete information 24 hours a day, everyday!


A growing network of forward thinking retailers, agents and distributors who want new and innovative products with which to stimulate and excite their customers in partnership with established and emerging brands.

Digital Transformation’s unique differentiator is how we combine all of these elements with technology and training to develop sales and long-term value for each brand. specialise in the fashion industry, working with a large community of brands, qualified business buyers, agents and distributors.

Our proposition and services includes:

International Sales Agents | Buying Specialists
Marketing | Showroom | Sales
Digital Transformation