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Online wholesale is the new sales channel that all brands must embrace. The online market for wholesale didn’t really exist before Covid-19 in the same way as it does now. Before Covid only the most forward thinking brands and buyers wanted to work this way, whereas over the two years since Covid-19 caused a major disruption to wholesale buying globally, B2B buyers have learnt how to work online and now every brand must work this way to generate and develop wholesale accounts. If you don’t work with us then you will need to develop B2B wholesale online, because this way of working cannot be refused or ignored any longer.

A Global footprint’s team works globally, but of course we are stronger in some geographical areas than others.

Our footprint is based around the English speaking world, plus some other strategic areas. Our day really does follow to sun, as our team generally start by speaking to buyers in Australia, then we move to parts of Asia (particularly Japan and South Korea), the Middle East, Europe including Switzerland, Norway and the UK, and by evening we are speaking to buyers in Canada, USA and parts of South America.

A special focus on the Middle East

We are currently focusing on the Middle East as we believe that in the context of the combined problems of Covid and conflict in the Ukraine, the Middle Eastern countries including Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE (in particular Dubai and Abu Dhabi) are areas of considerable potential.

Some of the reasons behind this include:

  • Oil and Gas production makes the Middle East one of the most wealthy areas worldwide
  • Significant investment has been made in Tourism, with many luxury hotels, attracting wealthy discerning consumers from around the world
  • Since 2017 ideological and political liberalism has swept across the region, creating many new opportunities – almost like creating a completely new market – this is particularly true of Saudi Arabia, which is the wealthiest country in the region
  • In many Arab countries, internet access has been held back, so many consumers habitually buy through physical stores

Markets to Watch

Australia and Japan are very interesting markets at the moment. For some reason we are experiencing a considerable amount of growth in these markets. We think this is because of a switch in spending away from travel into domestic consumption, where fashion is generally a prime focus. Whatever the reason, these markets are much more lively than in previous years and represent enormous growth potential for most brands.

Defending Your Existing Markets

Of course we all love to think about blazing new trails. However, there is another side to digital transformation, which is more defensive than acquisitive. The impetus towards online wholesale is just as much about providing services to your existing accounts as it is to opening up new accounts. Existing accounts need just as much tender loving care, otherwise a new suitor can easily lure them away. We can help with strategies to introduce you to new contacts in your existing markets, which includes making online services available to your existing buyers.

Opportunities for Smaller Brands

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruption to the supply chain and many larger brands have been slow to adapt or respond.

At the same time retailers need to find new ways of making themselves relevant and re-connecting with customers. It is not enough to sell the same brands that every other retailer is selling and each retailer needs to develop their own unique offering in order to sustain their existing position and to expand.

Both of these factors combine to make this a time of very significant opportunity for smaller brands that are well organised and have the production capacity to respond to increased demand.

Business Transformation

Business transformation takes time, and good business transformation takes more time. It’s a process of evolution and not revolution, and laying the ground work is vital. We therefore encourage strong forward thinking brands to make contact with us as early as possible.

How we engage with brands wants to attract and represent the best brands. We believe that we have a unique proposition, a level of clarity on how to sell to leading online and offline stores that is second to none, literally thousands of buyer contacts in many leading retailers worldwide and a robust delivery framework.

There is a lot of background information on this website. However, we believe that sales is about building relationships. If you run a forward thinking, high quality, sustainable and innovative brand, then the next step is to book an online meeting with us. During this initial discovery session, we will try to understand the unique characteristics of your brand and explain how we work, answering any questions and mutually deciding if we are a good fit. If, and only if both parties want to proceed, we will then make a detailed proposal.

A sense of urgency is often useful when it comes to making sales and appointments can be made 24 hours a day, so please use the button below to see our availability and to schedule a Partner Discovery Meeting at a mutually convenient time.

We are looking forward to meeting you, learning more about your brand and explaining how we work, the sooner the better! specialise in the fashion industry, working with a large community of brands, qualified business buyers, agents and distributors.

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